Who is Secured Mobility?

Secured Mobility, LLC is a privately-held technology company located in Georgetown, Texas with over a decade of experience in developing vehicle security software and proprietary hardware, and deploying high-availability, cloud-hosted infrastructure. Secured Mobility is the developer of SMART tag.

What is SMART tag?

SMART tag is a full-featured system designed to help ensure authorized ridership resulting in increased safety and security of students who utilize school bus transportation. RFID technology and cloud-connected tablet computers in each school bus provides accurate, near real-time information.

How does SMART tag benefit Transportation Departments and Administrators?

SMART tag not only provides immediate information regarding which students are on which bus, but it also automates a number of reporting functions for Transportation Personnel such as Special Education Reimbursement, State Headcount and Mileage Reports. SMART tag also provides efficient forms of communication with drivers and parents.

How does SMART tag benefit drivers?

SMART tag is currently the only system in existence that provides a student profile with a photo ID to enable school bus drivers to perform their duties more efficiently and effectively while improving security and safety of the students. It also automates pre/post-trip inspections, seating charts, discipline reports, etc.

How does SMART tag benefit parents?

The SMART Parent Web Portal is designed to enhance communication between the Transportation Department and the parents of student riders. SMART tag helps give parents a sense of improved security with leading-edge technology designed to keep their child safe. Parents can sign up on the SMART Parent Web Portal. The portal will let parents sign up to receive text messages that let them know when their child is approximately 10-15 minutes from their stop, add or remove individuals authorized to pick up their child, and more.

Does the SMART tag Android tablet require an internet connection?

Yes. The tablet needs an internet connection to send/receive data from the cloud based server throughout the route. However, once the route and information is loaded at the Transportation Department via an internet connection, the bus driver will have access to the route information even if the bus loses internet connection in dead spots. All Loading and Unloading data is still recorded locally and sent back to the Transportation Department as soon as the internet connection is re-established.

Is the SMART tag Android tablet removable from the bus?

Yes. A school district can choose to remove the tablet from the mounting bracket on their buses after each route, or wait until the end of the day to store them inside the Transportation Department.

Do we have to use SMART tag IDs for our student IDs?

No. An ISD can use the ID's issued to their student population, especially if a system is being implemented during the school year. In such cases we would simply apply an adhesive RFID tag on the back of the student ID. However, utilizing tags with RFID manufactured inside them is the best application. In either situation, we provide the RFID stickers or RFID cards to ensure security and compatibility with our system.

Are SMART tag IDs expensive?

No. SMART tag IDs, whether printed or blank, are competitively priced.

Is there any student information stored on the SMART tag ID?

No. There is no information stored on a Smart tag ID. Tags are manufactured with a 14 digit code. The RFID tag simply presents the 14 digit code to the tablet RFID reader which pulls up the student information associated with that code that is stored on the computer tablet.

If a student forgets or loses their ID tag can they still ride the bus?

Yes. SMART tag has been designed to allow drivers to manually load students on their tablet so the same secure monitoring of that student riding the bus is achieved.

Will SMART tag slow down the student loading and unloading process?

No. Although there is an initial learning curve that could cause temporary delays, SMART tag works alongside normal transportation procedures without hindering the process.

Is the SMART tag system easy to learn?

Yes. SMART tag has been designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible, with many of its features either completely automated, or just a one, or two step, process. If you can touch a name in your "Contacts" on your smart phone and then touch "call", you can use SMART tag.

Do we need additional computers or equipment in the Transportation Department to run SMART tag?

No. Because SMART tag is a cloud based system, as long as the Transportation Department's computers have internet access you can access SMART tag via a secured password. In fact, because this system is cloud based, anyone an ISD authorizes can have access to the system through a computer at any location, or on any mobile device with internet access via a secured password. The only additional equipment needed is a USB desktop RFID reader that we provide to read/assign SMART tag IDs.

Is a school district responsible for loading all the student data onto the SMART tag system?

No. The initial download of the student data base, including photos, is done by Secured Mobility in cooperation with the school district's IT Department. After the initial download twice daily syncs with routing software provides up to date student records.

Is training provided for bus drivers and administrators?

Yes. Secured Mobility offers on-site training as part of the implementation process. T&E charges apply for school districts located more than 200 miles from Georgetown, Texas.

Since SMART tag does so much more than the competitors, does it cost a lot more?

No. Even though SMART tag does so much more than what any other RFID system can do, it is very competitively priced. Installation and customization services are extra.

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Secured Mobility LLC is a privately-held technology company located in Georgetown, Texas with over a decade of experience in developing vehicle security software and deploying high-availability, cloud-hosted infrastructure.

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