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Secured Mobility

Secured Mobility, LLC is a privately held technology company located in Georgetown, Texas with nearly two decades of experience in developing innovative software solutions, including e-commerce systems, vehicle security software, and deploying high-availability, highly scalable infrastructure.

The core team members for Secured Mobility, LLC are highly successful entrepreneurs with multiple start-up experiences and co-founder roles at VC-backed companies across a range of technology disciplines in software (local, cloud, embedded, security, etc.), electrical and hardware engineering. The team strives to apply these talents and experience toward developing solutions that meet real needs in the industry, are intuitive to use, and deliver value for its customer. Over the years, both of the company’s business units have been awarded multiple utility patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Image of the SMART tag office

Secured Mobility's Home Office in Georgetown, TX


KeylessRide is the company’s initial, and ongoing, business unit since 2001. It was started similar to the way many small businesses in our great country also got their start…to meet a need. The company’s owner went to a car dealership to get a replacement keyless remote and had sticker shock over how much the dealership was charging. He then recognized they could charge inflated prices because there were not many alternative suppliers (at the time) in the newly developing product category.

That was when the company owner had a ‘light bulb moment’ - to provide a high quality, affordable alternative for aftermarket replacement keyless remotes. Using innovation and determination to turn an idea into a reality, KeylessRide experienced rapid growth through customer acquisition and adoption. The company now partners with automotive security professionals, rental car agencies and specialty retailers throughout the U.S.

KeylessRide has successfully developed and introduced industry-first technologies to the automotive security aftermarket and through partnerships with Tier 1 automotive and cellular companies. These include multi-vehicle programming equipment, universal key fob solutions, and plug-and-play connected car solutions that provide GPS, on-board diagnostics, and keyless entry control from a mobile phone. Our nation is blessed to have thousands, if not millions, of success stories like ours that started out of a living room or garage! We are humbled to be among such great company.

SMART tag™

In 2012, based on the many school transportation challenges recognized by Brett Taylor (the SMART tag™ Product Marketing Manager) and his concept of using techonology to address them, the company’s core team entrepreneurial talents and ingenuity were leveraged into the design and development of SMART tag™. The result of this collaborative effort was the nation's 1st on-board tablet solution for use on school buses. SMART tag™ has partnered with a growing number of K-12 school districts throughout the U.S. to provide student authorized ridership, pre/post-trip inspection reporting, live GPS and improved communications.

The “SMART” in the SMART tag™ name is an acronym that incorporates the company’s name with the core product: Secured Mobility Authorized Ridership Technology.

How SMART tag™ Started

A Bus Driver's Light Bulb Moment

In 2009, I was the pastor of a church in central Texas while also substitute teaching at two different school districts. I received a call one day from an administrator at one of them, Belton ISD, asking if I would consider filling in as a monitor on a special needs bus for the last three months of the school year. I was told there had been an accident involving a special needs bus. Tragically, the driver was killed in the accident and the monitor was injured. As terrible and shocking as the accident was, thankfully there were no students on board the bus at the time.

I agreed and spent the next three months having my eyes opened to the world of transporting students with special needs. Of course, during that three-month period I was hounded nearly every day to get my CDL and become a school bus driver! That was not my plan, but that’s what I ended up doing so I had my CDL before the start of the next school year. I drove a regular ed route for the next several years and had my eyes opened to a whole different world of transporting students that had its own challenges!

I also have about twenty-five years of risk management in my background, so I very quickly became aware of the fact that drivers are not only ill-equipped to perform many of their duties and responsibilities, but there are also areas of liability exposure for school districts. That’s when I thought there had to be a way to help increase the safety and security of students through equipping drivers with today’s technology to be able perform their jobs more efficiently. And that’s when the idea for SMART tag™ was conceived.

I presented my idea to a friend I knew through church, Noel Lopez, who was (and still is) the Director of Operations at a high-tech company - Secured Mobility, LLC. After the owner of the company agreed to take a chance on the vision, SMART tag™ soon became a reality. SMART tag™ was not only the first on board tablet on school buses in the nation when it launched fleetwide in 2014, but SMART tag™ continues to be the industry leader with the most feature rich solution that is also the easiest to use. We will never be satisfied with where we’re at today, nor will we take on a corporate mindset that is only really concerned about the bottom line profit. We are all about continuing to build the very best, most comprehensive system in the K-12 transportation industry while at the same time building relationships with the hard working, dedicated men and women at the school districts we are so fortunate to provide our service to.

Brett Taylor
Product Marketing Manager
SMART tag™ by Secured Mobility, LLC