Our Student Ridership Solution

SMART tag™ is designed to ensure authorized ridership and improve the safety and security of students who utilize school bus transportation. SMART tag™ provides live monitoring of where and when students load onto and unload off of their school bus to keep transportation, administrators and parents informed.

How it works

Image of student using their NFC ID card to board a school bus equipped with SMART tag.

When a student attempts to get on a bus, they present their card to the RFID reader installed on the bus.

Illustration of a Samsung Tab Active 2 with a student being approved to board a school bus.

The SMART tag tablet confirms if the student is boarding the right bus.

Illustration of a student who got off a bus using SMART tag.

When the student attempts to get off at a stop, they scan their card ensuring it's the right stop.

Illustration of multiple buses that are equipped with a Samsung Tab Active 2 and the SMART tag Driver App.

Information gathered by the driver tablets is shared in real-time using secured cloud technology.

Driver Tools

Equip your drivers with the best hardware and software available.

  • We use the industry leading Samsung Galaxy Tab Active ruggedized tablet to stand up to the harsh school bus environment
  • All tablets are equipped with T-mobile, AT&T and Verizon broadband capability
  • Buses are equipped with a charging cradle to keep your tablets fully charged even after the route is completed
  • Our proprietary NFC card reader ensures fast and efficient loading and unloading of students
  • Our easy-to-use innovative software with patented industry-first functionality equips every driver to safely and securely transport their students
  • No other solution comes close to all the features we offer that drivers use and rely on every time they drive their route.
Image of a Samsung Tab Active 2 with a student who was approved to board a school bus.

Features for Students with Special Needs

We've also created several driver app features with special needs in mind.

Illustration of a student with their medical information.

Medical Information

Drivers can view a student's medical information to ensure they receive the proper care

Illustration of a student in a STAR safety harness.

Student Seating Requirements

Ensure the seating requirements for each student are met every time they board the bus

Illustration of a calendar with a dollar representing monthly reimbursement.

Special Education Reimbursement Reports

Run automated monthly reports to get an accurate daily count of special needs students transported by your district

Illustration of a student standing next to her mother.

Patented Guardian Release

Ensure you're releasing each student only to guardians that are authorized to pick them up

District Web Portals

Our Admin and Campus Portals provide easy-to-use interfaces that give your school district tools to gain visibility, communicate, and run crucial reports.

Image of the SMART tag Admin Portal showing a school bus's route they drove with student activity and a map.
Illustration of the multiple communication platforms SMART tag provides.

Communication Keeps Everyone Informed

Use SMART tag as a powerful communication tool to let parents know about delays, communicate with drivers, and more.

  • Send and receive alerts directly to a driver's tablet
  • Send alerts about a student that will appear when the student scans their card
  • Send mass notifications to parents to inform them about things such as delays
  • Parents can turn on alerts to inform them when their child's bus is approximately 10-15 minutes away
Illustration of a computer with data and the reports that were generated including student ridership and sped monthly reports.

Run Crucial Reports

Transportation staff can easily generate reports, such as:

  • State Ridership Report(s)
  • Special Education Reimbursement Monthly Reports
  • Mileage Reports
  • On-time Arrival Report
  • Bus Max Occupancy Report
Image of a laptop and phone with the SMART tag Parent Portal displayed.

For the Parents

Parents will have access to the SMART tag™ Parent Portal to help keep them informed when their children ride the bus.

Illustration of a phone with an alert for a parent whose child is arriving home.

SMART Alerts

Parents can turn on SMART Alerts to let them know when the bus will arrive at their child's stop in the morning and afternoon.

Illustration of a school bus and a calendar showing a parent what days their child rode the school bus this month.

View Riding Activity

Parents can view the riding history of their child. They can view date, time, and location for each time they got on or off the bus.

Illustration of a child and their location on a map.

SMART Locate

This optional feature will allow parents to see a live map of their student's bus when it's on the way to pick them up and while they're on the bus.

See why SMART tag™ is right for you

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If you are a parent looking to register, please go to the Parent Portal . If you are looking for more information about your child's bus route, please contact your district.