The All-in-One Student Transportation Solution

Providing the highest level of safety and security for the students you transport.

Secured Mobility Authorized Ridership Technology

SMART tag™ developed the first on-board tablet solution in the nation.


Transportation directors and administrators

Routing with live fleet data and ID card management software that support administrators and transportation operations.

Dispatch walkie talkie with monitor


Live bus locations and student ridership data that streamline communication between parents and students’ school staff.

School bus with tablet

Bus drivers

Easy-to-use driver tablet equipped with an RFID card reader to ensure students are riding the right bus and are getting off at the right stops, with the capability to submit student referrals for behavior.

Campus personnel

Access to a campus portal with live bus ridership information, student ID card proprietary printing software, and a communications platform.

Student with smart-tag


Students are equipped with RFID cards that ensure they get on the right bus and off at the right stop, as well as building access.

Child with parent


Parents are provided with an app or web-based portal to see when their student rode the bus and get notifications of the bus arriving at their stop.

The SMART tag™ Cloud Ecosystem has Tools for Everyone

All of the SMART tag™ solutions are designed & developed by industry experts and delivered through a world-class leader in cloud services, ensuring quality, scalability, data privacy and security.

Using today's technology

Safe with documents

Data is encrypted and secure

Reliable and safe communication

We’re helping districts across the nation

SMART tag has become a foundational piece to everything we do at North Thurston Public Schools. From student and route tracking, to logging pre and post trips and processing student referrals, it is the most valuable tool we use daily. Aside from the tool itself, the SMART tag team shows excellent and timely customer service to address our needs. Overall, SMART tag is a game-changer for any transportation department.

Garrett Kendall Director of Transportation, North Thurston Public Schools, WA

The competitors didn’t have all the components of SMART tag. Having one complete solution for student ridership, automated reports, pre- and post-inspection, and communication with drivers and parents was what we were looking for. SMART tag's patented system, which allows drivers to see a list of approved people who are allowed to get students off the bus was an important safety feature. The school, the driver, and the parents appreciate this extra level of security.

Rhonda Davis Former Director of Transportation, Lake Travis ISD, TX

The implementation of SMART tag stands out as a significant advancement for the transportation department at North Clay. SMART tag has saved us time and uncertainties and has immensely improved student ridership. Quick response time from customer service and technical support along with, always being open and welcoming with new ideas to help out every day operations run more efficiently, are only a few samples of the many praises we can give to the SMART tag team!

Chelsea Ruholl Router/Bus Driver, North Clay Community Unit School District #25, IL

A school bus driver’s vision turned into a reality by a highly talented and caring team, and created the first on-board tablet solution nationwide.

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